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The Spences
REVEREND Ian Spence with congregation members Jean Bernard and Pauleen Stableford.

Press Release 

Cars washed in Holy water. 

Sunday 14th May 2006.

 Members of a Manchester church are cleaning cars with Holy water.  In an attempt to be environmentally friendly and serve the community, church attendees will use the water from the morning’s Baptismal service to wash local vehicles.

The Baptistry pool where a young person is to be baptised by full immersion at 11am holds a number of gallons of water which the church are keen not to simply pull the plug on afterwards.  Invitations to have a free car wash have been sent to local residents and the churchgoers will clean cars at 1pm.

 Minister of Levenshulme Baptist Church, Ian Spence said “We are pleased to offer a different kind of service to the community.  I can’t promise however that the cars will run problem free as a result of the special water used”.

More information: Ian Spence:  0161 431 0669

Or by e-mail:

Church website:

Photo opportunity available – Sun 14th May 1.30pm.

Levenshulme Baptist Church, Elmsworth Avenue, M19 3NS 
SPLASH: Ian Spence and Claire Peel.Holy Water Car Washes       (See Press Release Below) -         Press Coverage


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El pastor lavando un auto Agua bendita para lavar el auto
Una iglesia cristiana de Manchester, Reino Unido, ofrece el servicio de lavado de automóviles con agua bendita.

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